A Special Christmas For Our Family

This Christmas is very special for us as we prepare to head over-seas to Manila next summer. It is special because were not sure when we will be in the US again for Christmas and were enjoying, more intentionally, every moment with family and friends. It is special because the birth of Christ was the birth of God’s rescue mission and it is because of God’s rescue mission that our family is moving to Manila to serve the urban poor and do all we can to bring Christ’s hope to families in the Philippines. You see for our family, Christmas and our call and move to Manila our deeply tied! Because of Jesus we have incredible mountain moving Hope! It is because of true Hope found in Jesus that we are leaving our home in Lincoln Ne and making a new home in Manila PH. Our prayer for you this Christmas is that you will see that Christmas is all about Christ’s Hope in you and Christ’s Hope that is meant to come from you! In every way you can imagine Christmas is about God’s rescue mission to the world! How is Christmas moving you to be apart of God’s mission of Hope and Rescue in the world? Merry Christmas!

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